i will not return your records #219

"i’m looking at the sky above, higher than these neon names.."

young gods - september song (kurt weill) (play kurt weill)
carla bozulich - steal away (traditional) (evangelista)
visitor - skin warmth (visitor ep)
good stuff house - untitled (good stuff house cd-r reissue)
aaron martin - albee (worried about the fire)
tarentel - when we almost killed ourselves (from bone to satellite)
ex confusion - only an angel (with love)
derek rogers - live at los globos 2013-08-06 (excerpt) (goldrush festival 2013 compilation)
ex confusion - old portrait (with love)
labradford - twenty (fixed::context)
colin stetson - lord i just can’t keep from crying sometimes (blind willie johnson) (new history warfare vol. 2: judges)
antony & the johnsons - fletta (swanlights)
mark mcguire - ghosts around the tree (the young person’s guide to mark mcguire)
hakobune - the length of the wind (watching the prescribed burn)
marc ribot - postcard from n.y. (silent movies)
bill fay - city of dreams (life is people)
bardo pond - the stars behind (bardo pond)

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thank you Tim Wright, Karen Black, and Zev Asher.

i will not return your records #161

"right this way smiles a mermaid, I can hear Atlantis full of cheer.."

aereogramme - will you still find me (a story in white)
kyle bobby dunn - the hungover (bring me the head of kyle bobby dunn)
mirrorring - mirror of our sleeping (foreign body)
jefre cantu-ledesma - mirrors death (love is a stream)
derek rogers - apparent weight (saturations)
beans - window y tower (crane wars)
kinski - what statisticians need to know (where the sea meets the sky)
tetras - pareidolia ii (pareidolia)
the one ensemble - resonant kings (wayward the fourth)
marc ribot - sous le ciel de paris (silent movies)
visitor - the edges (visitor ep)
jimi hendrix experience - 1983.. (a merman i should turn to be) (electric ladyland)
rangda - sarcophagi (false flag)
codeine - kitchen (demo) (when i see the sun box set)
grouper - shadow rise, drowned (wide)
tattie toes - lord phunkar (turnip famine)
chris corsano - what do we get from cricket that we don’t get from other games? (the young cricketer)

sculpture & photo © jason decaires taylor

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