i will not return your records #239

"Einstein said that time was like a river. it doesn’t move at the same speed everywhere.."

spacemen 3 - lord can you hear me? (playing with fire)
chelsea wolfe - halfsleeper (the grime & the glow)
bonnie prince billy - bad man (bonnie prince billy)
molina & johnson - wooden heart (molina & johnson)
derek rogers - signifying memory (signifying memory)
janet cardiff - a large slow river (cardiffmiller.com)
bohren und der club of gore - verloren (alles) (piano nights)
dale cooper quartet & the dictaphones - ma dressing (parole de navarre)
bohren und der club of gore - fahr zur hoelle (piano nights)
saffronkeira & mario massa - variazione (cause and effect)
ben frost - undulating beast (black marrow)
the living jarboe - scorpion (disburden disciple)
letha rodman melchior - marsh of sleep (handbook for mortals)
grouper - soul eraser (a i a : dream loss)
le fruit vert - canto di iemanja (passiflore)
labradford - soft return (prazision)
mogwai - rollerball (ep +2)


photo: “blue river night” © sheri mcleroy

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i will not return your records #187

"i said it once but i meant it twice.."

cinematic orchestra featuring fontella bass - breathe (ma fleur)
richard skelton - of the sea (verse of birds)
richard skelton - calm bearer (verse of birds)
lee noble - windswept wasteland (our star, the sun)
a winged victory for the sullen - all farewells are sudden (a winged victory for the sullen)
ortwin stürmer - III. music.. older than music (horatiu radulescu: lao tzu sonatas 2-4)
dirty three - ashen snow (toward the low sun)
r. lee dockery - this renaissance festival gets more thuggish every year (legends of l.a.; http://rleedockery.bandcamp.com, http://soundcloud.com/r-lee-dockery)
fennesz - shift (seven stars)
derek rogers - drift (mist & drift; http://jehuandchinaman.bandcamp.com/album/mist-drift-2)
x-tg - desertshores (nico) (desertshore/ the final report)
ben frost - forgetting you is like breathing water (theory of machines)
rothko - light a lantern on the water (eleven stages of intervention)
200 years - city streets (200 years)
josh t. pearson - sorry with a song (last of the country gentlemen)
molina & johnson - don’t take my night from me (molina & johnson)
chris brokaw - richard and vanessa in the box (gambler’s ecstasy)
josh t. pearson - sweetheart i ain’t your christ (jools holland) (last of the country gentlemen)
tom waits - kiss me (bad as me)
pipilotti rist - i’m a victim of this song (chris isaak) (remake of a weekend)


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thank you Fontella Bass

i will not return your records #180

"could you find it in the cards to bring me to the light.."

fennesz - grey scale (black sea)
molina and johnson - almost let you in (molina and johnson)
movietone - year ending (the blossom filled streets)
maica mia - don’t let call (sparcity blues; http://maicamia.bandcamp.com)
the renderers - shadow and its shadow (a rocket into nothing)
nadja - kitsune (fox drone) (excision)
cristal - II: 1. oscines 2. last in the heights 3. dormition (reprise) 4. bels (apostate)
grief no absolution - black sedition (eurostopodus argus/ crypsis)
northumbria - black sea of trees (northumbria; http://northumbria.bandcamp.com)
philip jeck - 1986 (frank was 70 years old) (surf)
flying saucer attack - three seas (sally free and easy ep)
labradford - everlast (prazision)
neil young and crazy horse - cortez the killer (zuma)
philip jeck - box of lamb (surf)
peg simone - boilermakers (secrets from the storm)
loren mazzacane connors - no way home (as roses bow)
derek rogers - enopiano (unreleased)

"play dead" © rebecca cairns

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i will not return your records #156

"forever just keeps going ‘til every star marks the day .."

grouper - hold the way (grouper/ roy montgomery split lp)
grouper - pulse (grouper/ roy montgomery split lp)
nina nastasia - ocean (the blackened air)
matt sweeney & bonnie prince billy - blood embrace (play superwolf)
ilyas ahmed - in desire (arroyo)
visitor - the edges (visitor - social music series)
movietone - green ray (movietone first album)
chris brokaw - teaching english (sospira ost)
derek rogers - new language (for lee jackson) (for lee jackson in space)
mark mcguire - inside where it’s warm (a young person’s guide to mark mcguire)
mogwai - tracy (young team)
dirty three - long way to go with no punch (toward the low sun)
neil young - love and war (le noise)
molina and johnson - each star marks a day (molina and johnson)
grifters - radio city suicide (ain’t my lookout)
smog - kiss your lips (forgotten foundation)
gil scott-heron and jamie xx - piano player (we’re new here)
tim hecker - sammy loves eddie hates david (my love is rotten to the core)
melvins - a vast filthy prison (a senile animal)
donna summer - i feel love (patrick cowley remix) (12-inch)
hüsker dü - turn on the news (zen arcade)

"the egg nebula": a star going through the ‘preplanetary nebula stage’ as it runs out of fuel at the end of its life © hubble space telescope/NASA/ESA, 2012

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thank you, Donna Summer and Donald “Duck” Dunn

i will not return your records #147

"you take her out to the street/ bawling, she asks you/ what’s happening to me?"

patti smith - wing (gone again)
neil young - motion pictures (on the beach)
big star - motel blues (loudon wainwright iii) (big star story)
mazzy star - i’ve been let down (among my swan)
nina nastasia - superstar (run to ruin)
molina and johnson - don’t take my night from me (molina and johnson)
gillian welch - the way it will be (the harrow & the harvest)
noveller - alone star (glacial glow)
gowns - nobody home (gowns cd-r)
tindersticks - chocolate (the something rain)
dirty three - you greet her ghost (toward the low sun)
nina nastasia - you her and me (run to ruin)
movietone - orange zero (first album reissue)
eric chenaux - sliabh aughty (guitar and voice)
peg simone - on soft land (unreleased)
broadcast - dead the long year (the noise made by people)
codeine - old things (frigid stars)
gowns - griefer (broken bones)
heroin in tahiti - sartana (death surf)
kevin micka & chris brokaw -teaching english (sospira ost)
black mountain - mary lou (year zero ost)
love - a house is not a motel (forever changes)
mule - nowhere’s back (if i don’t six)

photo © darrell k. morris

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