i will not return your records #220

"walk these hills lightly and watch who you’re lovin’.."

chris brokaw - hills (stories ep)
chris brokaw - hills (instrumental) (stories ep)
labradford - david (fixed::context)
the backhomes - changing me (only friend)
gowns - dog (broken bones)
valley of the giants - waiting to catch a bullett (valley of the giants)
x-tg - desertshores (nico) (desertshore/ the final report)
grails - clean living (take refuge in clean living)
dirty three - the restless waves (ocean songs)
bonnie billy & marquis de tren featuring the monkey boys - II/ Xv (getthefuckonjollylive)
gillian welch - by the mark (revival)
richard buckner - raze (since)
townes van zandt - our mother the mountain (our mother the mountain)
insect ark - long arms (long arms ep)
kinski - what statisticians need to know (where the sea meets the sky)
roy montgomery - nor’wester head-on/ the last kakapo dreams of flying (scenes from the south island)
emeralds - damaged kids (what happened)
thisquietarmy - world protest (labirinto/thisquietarmy split)
arthur russell - see through love (another thought)


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thank you Allan Lanier

i will not return your records #214

"all this magic in our lives comes down like a storm/ then drizzles and dies.."

maica mia - a boże (unreleased; http://maicamia.bandcamp.com)
loren mazzacane connors & alan licht - and everyone ‘neath their vine and fig tree shall live in peace and unafraid (traditional) (hoffman estates)
harold budd - jane 4 (jane 1-11)
silent land time machine - remembering names (i am no longer alone with myself and can only artificially recall the scary and beautiful feeling of solitude ep)
richard skelton - bark, xylem (unabridged) (ivystrung)
mogwai - small children in the background (ep +2)
aidan baker - smokey (red house painters) (unreleased; http://soundcloud.com/brokenspineprods)
thisquietarmy - eclipse (labirinto/ thisquietarmy split)
oren ambarchi - bleeding shadow (destinationless desire)
swans - helpless child (soundtracks for the blind)
pelt - gospel midget (burning/ filament/ rockets)
gate - have not (the dew line)
gowns - advice (red state)
grails - clean living (take refuge in clean living)

photo © richard seaman

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i will not return your records #158

"am i holding on so tight that my fingers might bleed?"

nina nastasia - so little (the blackened air)
gillian welch - one more dollar (revival)
jason molina - long desert train (pyramid electric company)
gowns - cherylee (red state)
scout niblett - elizabeth (black hearted queen) (this fool a die now)
nina nastasia - rosemary (the blackened air)
shannon wright - chair to room (secret blood)
grouper - everyone in turn (transmissions from sinai)
grouper - hollow tone (10: free comp! http://inventingzero.net/ten-download.html)
stars of the lid - virginia (the kahanek incident vol. 3)
koen holtkamp - broken circles (10: http://inventingzero.net/ten-download.html)
grouper - wind return (a i a : dream loss)
2600.1 - east hastings (godspeed! you black emperor) (you’re related: http://cjlo1690am.bandcamp.com)
barn owl - awakening (ancestral star)
valley of the giants - waiting to catch a bullett (valley of the giants)
grouper - demona (dead moon) (yeti magazine 7-inch)
aim low - black cars (gino vanelli) (you’re related: http://cjlo1690am.bandcamp.com)
the dead c - phantom power (eusa kills)
shellac - crow (at action park)
the jesus lizard - whirl (liar remaster/reissue 2009)
bill orcutt - no true vine (how the thing sings)
william parker & hamid drake - black cherry (piercing the veil)

"the great dark horse nebula in ophiuchus" © rogelio bernal andreo

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thank you Richard Dawson

i will not return your records #154

"you think that i can’t see the shadow of another girl each time you look at me.."

giant sand - dusted (in tucson) (official bootleg series vol.2: the rock opera years)
richard buckner - willow (willow 7-inch)
centro-matic - cannot compete (redo the stacks)
picastro + nadja - a new souls benediction (fool, redeemer)
smog - chosen one (accumulation: none)
richard buckner - lost (willow 7-inch)
nina nastasia - we never talked (run to ruin)
gowns - nobody home (gowns cd-r)
grouper - i saw a ray (a i a: dream loss)
explosions in the sky - the moon is down (those who tell the truth shall die, those who tell the truth shall live forever)
tarentel - ghosty head (rickie lee jones) (the order of things)
carla bozulich - inside sleeps (evangelista)
flying saucer attack - forever (new lands)
grails - satori (flower travellin’ band) (latitudes ep)
the dead c - constellation (vain, erudite and stupid)
jackie-o-motherfucker - extension (wow!/ the magick fire music)
father murphy - in the flood with the flood (anyway your children will deny it)
spacemen 3 - starship (demo) (forged prescriptions)
comets on fire - one foot (comets on fire)
unsane - ha ha ha (flipper) (wreck)
melvins - the war on wisdom (the bulls & the bees ep; free download here)

"squid girl running" © mr. john lurie (johnlurieart.com), used with kind permission

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i will not return your records #148

"i been inside your bedroom/ i got the same scars you see.."

gowns - fake july (red state)
echo beach - drywall (drywall ep; http://echobeach.bandcamp.com)
gowns - rope (red state)
stars of the lid - the mouthchew (part 3) (carte-de-visite)
stereolab/ nurse with wound - animal or vegetable (crumb duck)
spiritualized - smiles (the complete works)
dirty three - furnace skies (toward the low sun)
tindersticks - show me everything (the something rain)
father murphy - don’t let yourself be hurt (anyway your children will deny it)
vic chesnutt - rattle (north star deserter)
grouper - disengaged (dragging a dead deer up a hill)
mirrorring - fell sound (foreign body)
grouper - vapor trails (a i a: alien observer)
father murphy - digging the bottom of the hollow (anyway your children will deny it)
dirty three - moon on the land (toward the low sun)
bonnie prince billy - there will be spring (wolfroy goes to town)
maica mia - funny way of laughing (hank cochran) (sparcity blues; http://maicamia.bandcamp.com)
scout niblett - wide shoulders (sweet heart fever)
shannon wright - fractured (secret blood)
ema - butterfly knife (past life martyred saints)
magik markers - pat garrett (boss)
white hills - pads of light (frying on this rock)
comets on fire - whiskey river (blue cathedral)
stooges - dirt (funhouse)

"ground #70" © uta barth, 1996

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i will not return your records #147

"you take her out to the street/ bawling, she asks you/ what’s happening to me?"

patti smith - wing (gone again)
neil young - motion pictures (on the beach)
big star - motel blues (loudon wainwright iii) (big star story)
mazzy star - i’ve been let down (among my swan)
nina nastasia - superstar (run to ruin)
molina and johnson - don’t take my night from me (molina and johnson)
gillian welch - the way it will be (the harrow & the harvest)
noveller - alone star (glacial glow)
gowns - nobody home (gowns cd-r)
tindersticks - chocolate (the something rain)
dirty three - you greet her ghost (toward the low sun)
nina nastasia - you her and me (run to ruin)
movietone - orange zero (first album reissue)
eric chenaux - sliabh aughty (guitar and voice)
peg simone - on soft land (unreleased)
broadcast - dead the long year (the noise made by people)
codeine - old things (frigid stars)
gowns - griefer (broken bones)
heroin in tahiti - sartana (death surf)
kevin micka & chris brokaw -teaching english (sospira ost)
black mountain - mary lou (year zero ost)
love - a house is not a motel (forever changes)
mule - nowhere’s back (if i don’t six)

photo © darrell k. morris

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i will not return your records #136

"glasses of wine and a pen/ what you take away you can’t give back again.."

bonnie prince billy - the way (enrique iglesias?!) (master and everyone)
dirty three - sue’s last ride (horse stories)
barn owl - temple of the winds (lost in the glare)
songs: ohia - translation (my morning jacket/ songs: ohia split ep)
bonnie prince billy - new whaling (wolfroy goes to town)
gowns - rope (red state)
grouper - hold the way (grouper/ roy montgomery split lp)
dirty three - i knew it would come to this (horse stories)
dirty three - cottonhead (lowlands ep)
jefre cantu-ledesma - wild moon and sea (love is a stream)
bardo pond - the stars behind (bardo pond)
boxhead ensemble - new york twelve (niagara falls ep)
cat power - sweedeedee (michael hurley) (the covers record)
mountain man - white heron (made the harbor)
black heart procession - when you finish me (six)
black heart procession - drugs (six)
grails - alms (redlight)
giant sand - love a loser (blurry blue mountain)
lisa b burns - across the blue (unadorned)
mark mcguire - time is flying (a young person’s guide to mark mcguire)
exhaust - put my ashes in a used yogourt container & chuck them off the back porch (grenadilla splinter)
exhaust - on burning wires (grenadilla splinter)
faust - tell the bitch to go home (12-inch)
the ex & tom cora - hidegen fujnak a szelek (scrabbling at the lock)

"untitled" © philip di lorca corcia

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i will not return your records #129

"there’s something shifting in the distance/ don’t know what it is.."


tren brothers - away (tren brothers ep)
richard buckner - as the waves will always roll (dents and shells)
wilco - radio cure (yankee hotel foxtrot)
colin stetson - those who didn’t run (those who didn’t run 10-inch)
tom waits - talking at the same time (bad as me)
thee silver mount zion.. - horses in the sky (horses in the sky)
gowns - stand and encounter (cameouttanowhere.com/2010/02/05/gowns-final-release/)
grouper - soul eraser (a i a: dream loss)
grails - i led three lives (deep politics)
vic chesnutt - debriefing (north star deserter)
grifters - tupelo moan (one sock missing)
grinderman - what i know (grinderman II)
chris brokaw - exemptive (canaris)
gowns - cherylee (red state)
grouper - shadow rise, drowned (wide)
tim hecker - in the air I (ravedeath, 1972)
tim hecker - in the air III (ravedeath, 1972)
grails - deep snow (deep politics)
scratch acid - cannibal (scratch acid/ the greatest gift reissue)
sonic youth - hallowe’en (bad moon rising)

"new york city, 1997" © andre thijssen (http://www.fringephenomena.com) (thank you, http://thesecretofexistence.tumblr.com!)

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