i will not return your records #166

"once again in the world of twelve hundred feelings, all in electric light.."

bardo pond - push yer head (batholith)
swans - the apostate (edit) (the seer)
bardo pond - ssh (batholith)
r. lee dockery - skull and bone and eagle claw (unreleased) (http://soundcloud.com/r-lee-dockery)
lotus eaters - untitled vi (mind control for infants)
grouper - black blood (wide)
growing - primitive associations/ great mass above (the soul of the rainbow and the harmony of light)
six organs of admittance - elk river (for octavio paz)
caspar brötzmann massaker - koksofen (koksofen)
bonnie prince billy - even if love (master and everyone)
dirty three - jaguar (sad and dangerous)
grails - word made flesh (redlight)
chris brokaw - canaris (canaris)
the for carnation - being held (the for carnation)
exhaust - on burning wires (grenadilla splinters) (http://exhaust.bandcamp.com/)
scout niblett - boy (i am)
echo beach - rock n roll fantasy (pink mountaintops) (pet my cougar) (http://echobeach.bandcamp.com/)
valentine six - swim to me (soundtrack music from spectrum red)
scout niblett - lula (sweet heart fever)
tin hat trio - helium (reprise) (helium)

"ocean of light" © yuki tan

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