i will not return your records #162

"oh where you lay your head tonight/ i’ll roll away alone and close on down.."

richard buckner - ariel ramirez (since)
nina nastasia - i go with him (the blackened air)
bedhead - the dark ages (cinco años)
codeine - second chance (frigid stars)
bardo pond - don’t know about you (bardo pond)
melvins - shevil (stoner witch)
r. lee dockery - dig up the well (things are different now c30 - unreleased)
double vision quest and broken deer - boogie woogie (medicine songs)
derek rogers - deconstruction (unreleased)
tetras - pareidolia I (edit) (pareidolia)
chris corsano - how may your parents and your employer help you in your cricket career? (the young cricketer)
nadja - jornada del muerto (excisions)
melvins - june bug (stoner witch)
jimi hendrix experience - .. and the gods made love (electric ladyland)
john parish & polly jean harvey - is that all there is? (peggy lee) (dance hall at louse point)
broken deer - tossin’ and turnin’ (bobby lewis) (songs for imbolc; http://brokendeer.bandcamp.com)

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