i will not return your records #159

"i died right in the ocean/ i died just like a wave.."

nina nastasia - ugly face (the blackened air)
alasdair roberts - lord ronald (the ayrtime.org ep)
nina nastasia - ocean (live performance on ckut-fm, june 8/2012) (the blackened air)
nina nastasia - our daytrip (on leaving)
grouper - tidal wave (dragging a dead deer up a hill)
grouper - we’ve all gone to sleep (dragging a dead deer up a hill)
jen reimer & max stein - saint urbain underpass (live in montreal, june 2011)
kidd jordan/ hamid drake/ william parker - living peace (palm of soul)
william parker & hamid drake - chaung tzu’s dream (piercing the veil)
raining on the moon - old tears (fall down) (corn meal dance)
fred anderson/ hamid drake/ william parker - II (blue winter)
yamantaka/ sonic titan - a star over pureland (yamantaka/ sonic titan)
six organs of admittance - waswasa (ascent)

photo © dennis waterman, 2011

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