i will not return your records #158

"am i holding on so tight that my fingers might bleed?"

nina nastasia - so little (the blackened air)
gillian welch - one more dollar (revival)
jason molina - long desert train (pyramid electric company)
gowns - cherylee (red state)
scout niblett - elizabeth (black hearted queen) (this fool a die now)
nina nastasia - rosemary (the blackened air)
shannon wright - chair to room (secret blood)
grouper - everyone in turn (transmissions from sinai)
grouper - hollow tone (10: free comp! http://inventingzero.net/ten-download.html)
stars of the lid - virginia (the kahanek incident vol. 3)
koen holtkamp - broken circles (10: http://inventingzero.net/ten-download.html)
grouper - wind return (a i a : dream loss)
2600.1 - east hastings (godspeed! you black emperor) (you’re related: http://cjlo1690am.bandcamp.com)
barn owl - awakening (ancestral star)
valley of the giants - waiting to catch a bullett (valley of the giants)
grouper - demona (dead moon) (yeti magazine 7-inch)
aim low - black cars (gino vanelli) (you’re related: http://cjlo1690am.bandcamp.com)
the dead c - phantom power (eusa kills)
shellac - crow (at action park)
the jesus lizard - whirl (liar remaster/reissue 2009)
bill orcutt - no true vine (how the thing sings)
william parker & hamid drake - black cherry (piercing the veil)

"the great dark horse nebula in ophiuchus" © rogelio bernal andreo

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